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The “lenga provençala” or “lenga d’Òc” according to Frederic Mistral



106From the very beginning of his leadership of the Félibrige, Frederic Mistral was involved in the Armana Prouvençau yearly publication. He often used aliases, like “lou Felibre de Bello-Visto”. In 1856, he published a 4-page introduction to the “Provençal language” with some interesting statements on dialects. He counted then four of them, Rhône, Marseilles, Languedocian, and Gascon.

We have used this opportunity to add some items of Mistral’s huge Occitan-French dictionary (lou Tresor dóu Felibrige) to display Mistral’s vision of the language and of its variation. It is obvious that Mistral has a broad vision of the language of Oc or Provençal encompassing what we call now Occitan, but also, to some extent, the Catalan language.

Pages from the Armana Prouvençau were extracted from the digitalization made by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Gallica website). Snapshots taken from the Tresor dóu Felibrige come from the high quality digiltalization published on the Occitanica website.

Click here to read or download Frederic Mistral’s 1856 texts on the Provençal Language or Langue d’Oc (#106 of the Documents pour l’étude de la langue occitane series) from the IEO Paris website.


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