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An Aranese-Catalan vocabulary from 1915



108Josèp Condò Sambeat was a catholic priest and the first major author in the Aran valley Occitan known as Aranese. Born in Montcorbau (1867), he was ordained priest in 1891 and was in charge of Aranese parishes from 1905 to his dead in Bossòst in 1919. A poet in Catalan language, he was convinced to write in Occitan by Bernard Sarrieu.

His Aranese vocabulary was published in 1915 in the Butlletí de dialectología catalana. 27 pages with a sort of phonetic transcription of his upper valley Aranese, including interesting examples.

We provide here an extract of that review thanks to the Bibliotèca de Catalonia. We have added the poem “Era Val d’Aran” as published in the Revue de Comminges (1912).

Click here to read or download Josèp Condò Sambeat’s Vocabulari aranés (#108 of the Documents pour l’étude de la langue occitane series) from the IEO Paris website.


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