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Niça is Provença



Antoine Léandre Sardou was a Provence born emigrant in Paris, where he worked a the director of an institute, and published many schoolbooks. He is the father of French Academy member Victorien Sardou. 115He also published many books about the history, the geography, and the language of Occitania.

In 1878, he published that presentation of the Niçard language in the Annales de la Société des lettres, sciences et arts des Alpes-Maritimes, at a time everything was sought to justify the annexion to France of Savoy and Nice. The rationale is simple: as the dialect of Niça/Nice is Provençal, and Provençal is a French language, it is normal that Nice has been annexed to France.
The linguists’ criticism is sharp, like Paul Meyer’s in Romania. But Sardou is pursuing another goal. He becomes a Majoral of Felibrige (1881), the first capiscòl of the Escola de Bellanda (1882), and is honoured by Mistral by a letter in this book, and after his death by a page in the Armana Prouvençau (1895).

Click here to read or download Antoine Sardou’s L’idiome niçois. Ses origines, son passé, son état présent (#115 of the Documents pour l’étude de la langue occitane series) from the IEO Paris website.


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