Occitanian pronounciation around Aurillac

103This Occitanian Phonetics was issued in the Revue de la Haute Auvergne, in 1904. It is one of the most interesting linguistical works of abbot Four, who died young during the World War I. Raymond Four had a clear view of the position of the Aurillac dialect in the West Central Occitan (generally called Languedocian). At the end of the text there is even a poem by Four about the great occitan poet from that particular area, Arsèni Vermenosa.

This volume also includes a necrology of abbot Four published in the 1918 issue of the Revue de la Haute Auvergne.

Source PDF pages were extracted from the Gallica (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) web site.

Click here to read or downloard Raymond Four’s Phonétique occitanienne (# 103 of the Documents pour l’étude de la langue occitane series) from the IEO Paris website.


Joseph Anglade, Histoire sommaire de la littérature méridionale au moyen-âge

The fourth volume of the DELO collection is a history of Occitan litterature in the Middle Ages. That book was published in French by Josèp Anglada (Joseph Anglade, 1868-1930), an Occitan scholar who was one of the founders and the first President of the Societat d’Estudis Occitans (1930). In this history, he advocates the use of Occitan as the name for our language.
This book, first published in 1921, is now public domain according to the French law that applies.

Vastin Lespy & Paul Raymond, Dictionnaire béarnais ancien et moderne

The third issue of our collection is a XIXth century dictionary of the tongue of Bearn, by Vastin Lespy and Paul Raymond.

In a strange mix of Old Occitan and Modern Occitan, the authors give a quite comprehensive vision of the Occitan language spoken in the former independent principality of Bearn.

The dictionary gives the French translation of the Occitan entries.

Albert Dauzat, Glossaire étymologique du patois de Vinzelles

The second issue of our collection of documents about the Occitan language is the reedition of another book of Albert Dauzat (Garait, Occitania, 4th July 1877-Paris, France, 30th October1955) about the Lower Auvergne Occitan dialect.

This book is written in French and was originally published in 1915. We used a University of Toronto original digitized by The Internet Archive.

Dauzat lists around 5000 words, most of them he got from his own grandmother, born 1836. He tries to date them with the help of phonetic change chronological data.

Albert Dauzat, Géographie phonétique d’une région de la Basse-Auvergne

The first issue of our collection of documents about the Occitan language is the reedition  of a book of Albert Dauzat about the Lower Auvergne area. This book had been digitized from the University of Toronto library by the Internet Archive.

This book is written in French and was originally published in 1906. It describes phonetic changes in the local Occitan dialect of Lower Auvergne, around Vinzelles (commune of Bansat, department of Puy-de-Dôme, see map).

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